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Physical Education

Sports and staying active are a huge part of life at Pelham. The development of physical skills and their accompanying mental and emotional skills, are an important aspect of a child's education. Whilst teaching children practical skills such as balance, agility and aim, we also develop the children's ability to cope with and overcome defeat, cope with perceived injustices, develop their skills of communication and recognise the positive feelings which come with exercise and fresh air.       

Whilst we recognise and praise the sporting achievements of every child, we also hold sportsmanship in high esteem. In addition to trying their best and striving to win, we have also embedded 'REFSPECT' which is an anti-bullying code aiming to remove negative behaviour directed at officials, participants and other spectators. REFSPECT consists of six spirit values; honesty, determination, teamwork, self belief, passion and respect. This is promoted in all our PE lessons and is therefore emulated at Merton borough tournaments where at every event, each school votes for another who is showing the spirit values throughout the day and Pelham has been successful in achieving multiple REFSPECT awards. To celebrate this as a school, we choose one child from every class to receive the Pelham Sportsmanship Award and medal, once a term, who we believe demonstrates these qualities and can be a role model to others as well.

Every year we enter Merton borough tournaments in a wide range of sports including football (girls and boys), tennis, tag-rugby, cricket, netball, swimming and gymnastics. While we take our sports seriously at tournament level by entering our best teams, we also recognise that every child should have the opportunity to represent his or her school in a sporting competition during the primary years as this is the time when a love of sport can be ignited. For this reason, we also enter a number of inclusive tournaments for children who like to be involved but respond better to a less competitive atmosphere, as well as playing a number of friendly games against other local schools in many sports. The number of sporting events we are involved in gives all our children opportunities to play sports regardless of ability or experience- every child who wishes to represent their school, will have the opportunity to do so before they leave in Year 6.

Aside from competitive games, we promote sports through a variety of early morning and after-school clubs at the school, including; tag-rugby, football, basketball, netball, dance, tennis, running, multi skills, karate, gymnastics and yoga clubs. In addition, to promoting girls in sport, we also hold a weekly girls' sports club, which is hugely popular as it gives the girls a chance to try out a whole range of sports in a fun environment!

It is not just in PE and clubs, that we promote physical exercise. We believe that children should be taught what it means to live a healthy, active lifestyle and we regularly celebrate achievements of our children and staff, outside of school, within our assemblies and displays. The children also benefit from PE-inspired lessons, brain breaks and activities, on a daily basis.

 At Pelham we want all pupils to:

To see a full breakdown of what we intend to teach through PE, and how we intend to do it, please click below.

PE Intent Statement


We are hugely proud of our swimming provision at Pelham and are constantly working in conjunction with our local swimming centre and borough to provide children with high-quality swimming lessons, as part of their PE curriculum. This year, as a result of changes which were made to the provision available due to Covid-19, we will be offering a new approach to the structure of these lessons.

Children in Year 3 complete two two-week swimming blocks, once in the Spring Term and once in the Summer Term. This block will allow the children to swim everyday for an hour, instead of every week for half an hour, as we previously offered. Having trialled this intensive system in the previous academic year, we found it to have a significant impact on the children's rate of progress, and their love of swimming- our students were clamouring to get to the part of their school day when they could go swimming! 

By the end of Year 3, those children who have not reached the Government stipulated targets to swim 25 metres using one stroke or more, and perform a safe self-rescue, will complete a further two-week block of swimming lessons in Year 4.

As a result of the interruptions the children experienced due to Covid- 19, this year we will also be sending some of our Year 5 students to attend a booster, two-week block. 

Number of children in Year 6 (2019-20): 53

Number of those children who attended swimming lessons in Year 3: 45

Children who can swim 25m confidently using 1 stroke

Children who can swim confidently using three or more strokes

Children who can perform a safe self- rescue

43 (95%)

38 (84%)

43 (95%)

Click here for swimming data for 2020-2021

Every year, we attend the Merton Swimming Gala. Despite not being able to attend for the last two years, due to Covid-19, we have been hugely successful in the previous galas, having won the overall event four years ago and securing a number of medals three years ago: two children achieved a gold medal in their individual event and our Boys' Relay team won gold as well. One child secured silver, and two more celebrated a bronze medal!

The children love this event and have a fantastic time. We were so proud of their effort, commitment and sportsmanship, and cannot wait for the next event! 

Curriculum Guidance

At Pelham, children enjoy one 65 and one 35 minute PE lesson per week. 

To see what the current curriculum looks like for this year, 2021-22, click on the link below.

PE Curriculum Overview

For a detailed description of the skills addressed in each Key Stage, click here to download the National Curriculum for PE. 

Sports Premium

Every year, schools receive PE and sport premium funding to promote additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

To read about how we have used this funding over the last year and our plans for the current year, click on the links below.

Premium Sports Funding 2021-22

Purpose of the funding

We have to spend the sport funding on improving our provision of PE and sport, but have some freedom to choose how we do this.

Possible uses of the funding include: