Pelham Primary School


The aim of our Humanities curriculum is to build the knowledge, skills and attitudes pupils need to become informed, articulate and empowered. Through the teaching of History and Geography, we inspire our pupils’ curiosity about the world and the people within it. Children are encouraged to question, to reflect and to think critically. As they move through each phase, children are encouraged to make connections and develop perspective and judgement.

At Pelham, we teach History and Geography through cross - curricular topics.Transferable skills such as critical curiosity and reasoning are developed through opportunities for research and real life experiences.Trips enrich learning and provide a chance for children to learn practical skills such as mapping, fieldwork or examination of primary sources.

The content of the History and Geography knowledge curriculum is guided by the National Curriculum requirements. Periods of history are organised across the school to provide a growing understanding of chronology and links across time and place.







In History, we want all pupils to:

We will do this by:

 In Geography, we want all pupils to:

We will do this by:

Curriculum Guidance

Click on the link below for an overview of the history and geography topics taught across each year group, throughout the year.

History Curriculum Overview

Geography Curriculum Overview

A Historian at Pelham - Skills progression through the year groups

A Geographer at Pelham - Skills progression through the year groups

For a detailed description of the topics taught in each key stage, click on the subject to download the National Curriculum for either History and Geography.